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At the push of a button, an enormous shipping crate transforms into a modern living space. The massive container-turned-home aptly known as Push Button House by architect Adam Kalkin opens up to reveal a fully adorned room featuring a bed to sleep on, a couch for lounging, a dining table, a bathroom area, a modest library, and numerous light fixtures. The architectural installation uses hydraulic power to unveil the room in 90 seconds’ time.

The architect goes even bigger, unveiling a gigantic five-room space from a similar shipping container for his latest project in the series titled Push Button House 2. Both installations exhibit the architect’s genius. They clearly reflect his keen eye for design and ability to find the beauty within the most mundane forms. Essentially, Kalkin has turned a brown rectangular box typically used for storage into a beautiful home. Will anyone ever be able to look at shipping crate again without thinking of the design possibilities?


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